Garden Support 

Gardening is a process we get better at with practice.

I offer a helping hand for gardeners to get started or progress their gardens. Our time can be tailored to what you want to create and how you want to feel in your garden.


Talks, hands on workshops and tours of my Heartland Garden can be crafted for you and your small group. 

Happy gardening, 


Garden Support 

Gardening is an art and a craft. We hone our gardening skills and 'know how' with practice and a bit of expertise. Are there skills that you want to learn while in your garden? I tailor hands on gardening sessions to learn and practice in your home garden.   


Collaborative Design or Co-Design 

Gardens are personal places. Do you want to create your own heartland but need a hand to design the garden together or review a design? Need advice on selecting plants which will thrive and flourish and create a garden that feels like home? 


Action & Seasonal Plans 

How do we get started or progress our gardens? Gardens can become places of pleasure and satisfaction with some gentle guidance. I can tailor an easy to follow action plan or seasonal gardening plan so you ca take the guess work on what to do first and when to do it.   


Talks & Workshops 

Sharing is one of the most wonderful things about gardening. I regularly craft online and in personal talks and hand on workshops to share skills, philosophical approach and gardening practice. 


Tours of Heartland 

Heartland is my personal garden which is a place for experimentation and acts as my 'plant lab'. I occasionally open it to small groups, tours and events. 

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Let's garden together 

Gardening and design sessions can be tailored to your personal garden dreams and be booked as a once off or series of sessions. Talks, workshops and tours of Heartland can be tailored to your group. Contact me for more info and a convenient appointment