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I do, truly, love plants. Plants encompass all aspects of my life in both my personal and professional practice. I believe that gardening is something for all. 

Gardens and gardening is something we can all access and connect to nature through. I work with plants and people across a spectrum of industries and projects, bringing living beauty and diversity to all.    


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My work 

I lead an emerging plant practice Super Bloom which brings dynamic living beauty and diversity to urban, landscape and creative projects and privately, as a shared  passion, I support gardeners in their home gardens.    

With past roles as Ornamental and Seed manager at the Diggers Club, The Plant Society and years working in engagement and education, I am a qualified horticulturalist and educator, botanical guide, presenter and regular contributor to radio, podcasts and publications, including Wonderground Press (The Planthunter).

I spend as much time as possible in my Heartland garden, pondering and cultivating big questions on the intersections of gardening, beauty and identity, experimenting and contributing to the next generation of Australian gardens and gardening possibilities.


I do love to talk gardens and living beauty, so contact me to arrange a chat  

0439 657 555